Australia’s first bocce club opened in the original club house in Mansfield Street, Thornbury in 1964. The original Furlan club had 4 bocce lanes with the club then built specifically around the bocce courts.

Today the Furlan Club at Matisi Street has one of the largest bocce courts in Melbourne with 9 bocce lanes. Built in 1985. The bocce courts are available for the use by Club members.

Our Bocce Committee hold regular tournaments and competitions thoughout the year. The Turco Cup and Luigi Grollo Cup are just a few to name.


The Club has two squash courts which include two standard glass show court. Social and competitive squash activities. The club has three pennant teams. Squash courts are available to all members of the Furlan Club.

Further information regarding our pennant teams can be made by calling the Club on 94840477.


Established in 1984, the Thornbury United Furlan Soccer Club has grown to 3 teams consisting of a Senior Squad, a Reserves Squad and a Thirds Development Squad which acts as a feeder squad for emerging talent for both the Senior and Reserves’ squads. The club plays in the Victorian Soccer Federation and Vic Soccer Association on Sunday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Training sessions are held every week on Tuesday and Thursday nights between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

The club trains at the Furlan Social Club at 1 Matisi St, Thornbury and plays all its home matches across the road at their match-day ground at the Thornbury High School. Thornbury United Furlan Soccer Club boasts a proud history and the club has won 4 Reserves League Championships in 1996, 1998, 2000 and their most recent was in 2003.

The club is always on the lookout for players young and old and looks forward to continued success in 2006 with the Senior still involved in the 2006 League Cup. The club guernsey consists of black and white stripes.

Any interested players should contact the club on 9484 0477